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Health & Wellness Copywriting

For people who want to transform the world one meaningful connection at a time. Accelerate your business with the same tender lovin’ care you’d give your clients. 

Freedom to do more of what you love.

When you’re in the pursuit of helping people, the upkeep of business functions and being seen online can feel like a daunting task. Spend more time doing what you actually love and less time on the things that stress you out.

You signed up to help people, not spend hours online trying to figure out what Search Engine Optimization, Calls to Action and Unique Selling Perspectives mean. And that’s where I come in.  

Working with me allows you to: 

Skip the Writer's Block

Ease up on the backspace button! Get an eye-catching website, an email list that converts, and a social media presence that helps build longevity.

Generate Organic Leads

Less can be more. When you’ve found clients that jive with you, you no longer have to say “yes” to everyone. Create peace of mind by landing clients consistently. 

Stand Out in the Crowd

No, the health/wellness/fitness industry is NOT over saturated. People are more obsessed than ever with being the best versions of themselves. With social media abundant, everyone wants to put their best foot forward. Working with me allows you to stay flexin’ your muscles online while I flex your online muscle. 


Landing your dream clients doesn’t need to be rocket science. Putting YOU first will always bring the best benefits. 

What makes you different is what makes you powerful. With mutual respect and support, your best business is just a few clicks away. 

Fuel Your Business Fire

Here's how...



Get the most for your business with blog writing, emailing, and eBooks. You give me your best ideas and give your voice a little copy cardio.  Leave the back-end nitty gritty like SEO to me.

  1. Headlines, taglines and CTA’s that turn curiosity into cash. 
  2. SEO Optimized content to generate more leads. 
  3. Additional rounds of editing, which means YOUR voice and the confidence to publish.  


Web Design

Too busy burnin’ holes in your soles to give your website the love it needs? I’ve got you covered. I build websites and help you hit the refresh button to showcase what you’ve got to offer. Never miss a potential client again. 

  1. Seamless web pages that use proper SEO and keywords to gather you leads.
  2. Complimentary round of editing and adjusting so your website is a perfect reflection of you.
  3. Fast delivery – get your website done in as little as two weeks!


Marketing Materials

Reel in your ideal clients with words that speak directly to them. I create a streamlined online presence so everything flows seamlessly into the next.

  1. Content strategies to post regular content and make sure the algorithm gets you seen 
  2. Custom Graphics that reflect your business and engage your audience 
  3. Call To Action that get people to sign up, buy or click links…which builds your passive income 😉 


Just wanna know more?

Everyone’s business is unique. It’s why I offer to customize and help you choose the best package for success. I’m your one-stop-shop of expertise. Choose from any of the options above and figure out where your business needs the most help. 

Send me a message to see what I can do for you!