Transform lives with words that move people.

If you’ve landed here, you’re at least a little like me. Someone who gives a damn about people. 

Sure, I’m a dreamer…but you are too. Afterall, you started your own business just to improve people’s lives. That’s no small feat.

And I’m guessing your business is more than just how you help people, it’s also about your why.

I’m here to help you do more of what you love and less of the stuff you don’t. 

Give your business a little copy cardio so you can dedicate your services to transforming your clients. 


Let’s all agree to stop saying, “no cookie-cutter” in our branding. Your clients need to know exactly what you’re offering and how you’re going to change their life. 

Exercising your voice will gain you clients that both need and want YOUR help. Not just any trainer.


Strong people need strong words. People who want to improve their lives probably need some harsh reality. Coupling compassion with honesty produces RESULTS. 

You give the coaching cues and I give your online presence the tough love you need for success. 


Rest is a crucial part of any good exercise regime. It gives people the appropriate amount of time for recovery. Recovery is essential to sustainability. 

Spending more time with your clients and less time worried about back-end business hacks will allow you to expand how you want to. 

When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

– Momma DeWitt 

Build the business of your dreams

The Cait DeWitt way

I’m big on being healthy. Creating a long and fruitful life for me means taking care of my mental wellbeing as well as my body. And I love talking about the best ways to do it. 

I understand the demands of elite level athletes – I’ve been one. After 19 years on a court, Division One (dual-sport) that led to four Pro seasons in Switzerland,  6 surgeries, 3 comeback seasons and ZERO regrets for how my career turned out. I’ve used just about every “hack” in the book –  mental and physical. 

I’ve always had a knack for the intangibles. Writing that makes me feel something. Quotes that motivate and speeches that elicit tears. A feeling of goosebumps when I see an athlete win something no one else thought they could. The underdogs. The believers. The tenacious ones who fight tooth and nail and still come up short. There’s a winner in everyone and a competitor in everyone. 

My philosophy is to win everyday. No matter how small. 

See what my clients are saying:

"Finally, we found Cait, who decided to make guest posts on our website, and we can only say, that her work is absolutely amazing. Her expertise in volleyball and sports-related topics which comes from her professional volleyball playing experience made a difference in comparison with other (freelance) options and that's why we keep her as one of the main parts of the team VolleyGuide. Hopefully, our deal will last for a long time"
Urban Toman (CEO & Founder of VolleyGuide)
“For two years Cait was our social media and website designer for Sonoma Cellar (a California inspired wine tasting room and restaurant). Cait understood our brand and created engaging emails that were sent weekly. She filled seats at all our events, including; wine tasting classes, events like live music, and wine club memberships. She also made all of our flyers for in house use that gave us a seamless look from instagram into our tasting room. Her robust program had not only range, but was fun, spirited and cheeky to attract all ages and demographics. Cait knew how to engage guests, and create value through organic marketing.”
Elizabeth Myllenbeck (CEO & Owner of Sonoma Cellar and Pour Le Vin)
"Cait has been an excellent website creator for my business. She has helped me organize my business information in an eloquent way while maintaining our business mission. She is tactful in creating programs and systems for our website and really grasps the vision I have for what I want our website to look like. Last but not least she is very good at checking in with me, keeping me up to date and is quick to respond. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for website design.
Jackie N. (founder & CEO of Merlin's Magick Mushrooms)